Dubai Butler Academy Butler Training Assisting Guests with Luggage & Shopping

Assisting Guests with Luggage & Shopping

Never miss an opportunity to ask if a guest if you can assist with luggage!

Butlers are very much seen as personal assistants. Butlers assist; with luggage, shopping bags, children’s bags and briefcases.  This is the ideal opportunity to be graceful, tactful and loyalty however great opportunity to make a bond with your lovely guests.

When carrying bags or wheeling luggage, ensure that there are tags on the luggage and that the wheels are working before commencing on your journey.

A view pointers:

  • Remember cultural diversity , some cultures do not like someone else to assist with backpacks or handbags – these are personal possessions.
  • Ask politely, sir / mam, allow me to assist with your bags / luggage
  • Make eye contact and smile
  • Always reach out with one hand, and say May I
  • Look at what is personal and what you can assist with
  • Never try and take 3 suit cases, rather ask for assistance
  • Remember you are making a bond with your guests, feel free to ask them “what are you looking forward to during your stay”
  • Keep a distance not to close to guests
  • Once you have arrived at the room / suite / villa you can place the item on a stand, or preferred area.
  • Thank you your guests
  • Politeness costs nothing!

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