About Us

What makes us so unique?

Simply put, we work hard!

SABA International Butler Academy is fast becoming more than than just a Butler School; we enrich lives by collaborating with teams across the world, instilling and teaching exceptional butler training.

Essentially, our Butler Training is a mindful skill with a modern element and our focus is to highlight and embrace the modern Butler. In the past, tradition stigma conjures to the mind, historical figure, the proverbial castle-custodians and stone-faced, tray-bearers.

We are a modern Butler school, tech-savy and fresh approach to the role of residential management. Our teaching is extraordinary as all students feel at home with our incredible hospitality.

SABA has a strong social media presence; with over 20 000 followers on Facebook and 7000 on Instagram. We love sharing fun memories and moments. Also, this will be your reference when doing the course.

SABA believes in practical, excellent training, filled with love and colour!