Come To Butler School.

Butler School is all about etiquette, modern fast pace lifestyles and abundance of skills. At SABA our focus is always on; exclusive food & beverage skills, household management (to manage a multi billion dollar estate) , luxury housekeeping and the fundamentals of hygiene, planning and event management, bar setup and mixology, chauffeuring, nanny care and dog walking, computer skills, confidence building and international protocol, cooking skills from vegan to full on catering – this is already a mouth full contact SABA and our team will call you back at a convenient time in order for us to take you step by step through our master butler program – you will love butler school!!!


The fun part of learning is the interaction with our talented “butler association” ambassadors. You will meet exciting entrepreneurs during our your 8 week program. Learning from industry experts and building a contact board for your future is important to SABA.

Learning from industry experts with years of experiences!

create memories which will last forever

using your senses when tasting wine is a unique sensorial experience

Carolyn Martin , Creation Wines