Dubai Butler Academy Butler Training Learning the Finer points of Excellent Service

Learning the Finer points of Excellent Service

What is Etiquette? Etiquette is professional Manners, taught by our parents, grandparents and passed onto us. Please never forget to teach your children or others proper and correct Etiquette. It is extremely important to be professional, kind, generous and courteous.

Manners are described as well-mannered or ill-mannered to indicate whether or not a behaviour is socially acceptable. Every culture adheres to a different set of manners, although a lot of manners are cross-culturally common.


Respect other people means recognising their value as human beings, regardless of their background, race, or creed. It’s demonstrated in all your day-to-day relations—refraining from demeaning others for their ideas and opinions, refusing to laugh at racist or sexist jokes, puwng prejudices aside, and staying open-minded. We show respect not just by what we refrain from doing but also by intensional acts, such as being on time, dressing appropriately, or giving our full attention to the person or people we’re with.

Self-respect is just as important as respect for others. A person who respects herself isn’t boasxul or pushy but is secure in a way that inspires
confidence in others. She values herself regardless of her physical aoributes or individual talents, understanding that integrity and character are what really matter.

Consideration. The key to consideration is thoughtful behaviour. Being thoughtful means thinking about what you can do for those around you and how your actions will affect them. Considera leads us to[…]”




Pay attention, listen carefully and focus when meeting a guest for the first time.

Repeat the guest’s name audibly as you introduce yourself.

Try to make an association between their name and something with which you are familiar.

Repeat their name to yourself silently.

Do not rush through guest introductions. If this is done calmly and without haste, you will be able to remember names more easily.

If you still perhaps forget a name, simply apologise and ask their name again. Continue the conversation as normal.


The South African Butler Academy has trained and delivered butlers of the highest international standards over the years.

Situated in Plattekloof, the Butler Academy has produced talented, hard-working, devoted and passionate butlers by providing in-depth training and first-hand experience of what it takes to excel in this specialised sector.

It was founded by Newton Cross, owner and principal of the SA Butler Academy and Adriaan Coetzer, owner and director of Guild Recruitment. Cross says he wanted to share his extensive experience in the hospitality industry, having trained and worked at some of the world’s best establishments, with other hopefuls.

“The career I had was something other South Africans could benefit from, especially this kind of establishment, which wasn’t in South Africa,” Cross says. “The idea is to give the gift of butler service to someone.

He says the training is based on five elements: food and beverage, housekeeping, maintenance, security and personal being.

The course not only promotes further learning, but also opens the door for substantial salary earnings.

Students aged 18 to 65 are eligible to enrol.

The 18 students currently enrolled in the programme hail from all parts, including the Helderberg and Overberg.

The academy has produced many successful students from the basin, who have found themselves in a range of settings, from five-star hotels to private yachts. “We have many success stories,” Cross explains.

“We had one student who works for a very wealthy wine owner in the Helderberg region, butlers working for royalty in Cannes, Monaco, while others have worked in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, England and Australia, and on ocean liners.

The academy is also very involved with the Stellenbosch City Orchestra, assisting at shows to create an elegant atmosphere. “We love to serve and give service an upliftment, to make sure we’re giving the André Rieu touch in South Africa and [create] the Pavarotti feeling,” he adds.

Visit www.thebutlerschool.com, or like Facebook at “Butler Academy”.

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